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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 16, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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women sound off on the interview. >> i see her has really running for a celebrity. >> i feel she is out there covering herself. >> many see her in a slightly different light. most of them think it will help her. why? on the campaign trail -- >> she was not able to really be herself. >> for the first time, being herself, but altugh many said they related to her no more, do they like her now more? >> i think she did a lot of damage to republican women but now i feel better about her. >> my father's " sums it up better perhaps than i am. "she is not retreating. she is reloading." >> when democrat hopes so.
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>> she is focused on that note issues so the democrats will have a great chance of keeping the white house. thank you, sarah palin. >> i thought she was much stronger in her responses then she was allowed to be on the campaign trail. >> most of our panelists felt the interview improve her image a bit. the appearance was a resounding success in at least one aspect, almost all said they planned to read the book. >> we want to know what you folks at home think about sarah palin. vote in our poll this evening. do you plan on buying sarah palin's book? most are saying no. family members and neighbors are searching for answers after a nine-year old boy was shot and killed inside of his northwest
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washington home. sam ford has no intermission about what might have happened moments before the murder. >> to have a small boy shot and killed it in his apartment has outraged some many people that many of them are gathering here for a vigil that is supposed to begin here shortly but it has raised questions about security, including a neighbor who says she warned the family about a suspicious man walking the halls shortly before the shooting. this door cannot be shot, let alone locke, and somebody came through it saturday night and killed nine-year old oscar fuentes. a neighbor, afraid to be seen, recalling a mothers cry on saturday night, saying that a hispanic man had been wandering the halls.
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she said the man followed the family asking for money. they ignored his pleas, then she heard the shot. city officials came today promising to do something about the gangs. >> these are all gang tags. >> i experienced something in the past and i know what the parents are going through. >> could you imagine what you would go through losing a child? >> grief counselors spent the morning with students. city officials say they are going to see to it that this door is fixed soon. the building owner says she has had this door fixed before, but the gangs break it whenever that happens. she said she is going to fix it again. a vigil is about to begin here in northwest washington, a number of city officials,
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friends, and family members coming to express outrage for what happened here on saturday night. d.c. police have made an arrest in the dead the beating of a woman in northeast washington. police arrested a 52-year old, the victim's husband. officers discovered the body just after 7:00 a.m. on sunday. another person has been critically injured and is now hospitalized. a group of homes along the chesapeake bay is still standing, but the danger is not over yet. stephen tschida has the story. >> the only protection this house has are the sandbags, and if you look down, you can see the waves are watching them away. the storm which sent the chesapeake bay slamming into a
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string of homes has moved on. the beach went with it. >> we are still very scared at the moment. >> three days after the storm, the county said in the workers to fence off the sandbags and protect them from gawkers. local officials met with presidents and agreed to make an assessment of the situation within 48 hours. >> we contacted the army corps of engineers. >> county officials addressed criticism that they did not act fast enough to help the residents. >> the county, i feel, was responsive. >> when asked why the county did not ask the governor for help, -- >> it did not rise to that level. >> there is no beach.
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>> mary assessed the damage of her home. >> and i upset? it is too late to throw stones. >> there you concede the president's trying to replace the sandbags that they lost -- there you can see the residents trying to replace the sandbags that they lost. also in the aftermath of the storm, tim kaine ask fmeema to begin assessments which could be completed by mid-week. the total cost of the storms and flooding is still being calculated. in new jersey, people are waiting through high waters. the governor declared a state of emergency in six new jersey counties. everything from the beach and do
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it erosion to power problems. our chief meteorologist doug hill is here now. >> i think we have a couple more days of this weather, leon. let's give you the latest from the weather center. temperatures are starting to drop a little more quickly now. 63 degre in the district. 58 degrees in annapolis. the next storm system is already aligned up to the west but that will take much later in the week are clear out there right now. this is what we expect in the cityonight. probably closer to the 40-degree mark in many suburbs. a lot more coming up in a few minutes. now to a developing story,
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the search for the missing virginia tech student. the national center of missing and exploited children is getting involved. the group believes that she is still alive. gail pennybacker has the details. >> they are definitely working on that premise. investigators have invited those investigators and their formidable resources to do all they can to see if they can get more people looking for morgan. this is where hope still exists, with a photo of the student looking on. the center is taking any information about her whereabouts. they want to know if anybody gave her a ride or loaned her a cell phone to make a call. >> we are not giving up any hope for morgan and we are going to pursue this case like she is still alive. >> since she was reported
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missing after leaving a metallica concert, her image is everywhere, with the idea that someone will know where she is. >> it is very hard to have a childissing and not know where they are. >> a virginia tech student, she told her friends she would find a way home. police say one tip said she was spotted hitchhiking off campus. >> you never know. there have been other cases where they found the children after years. >> parents say they -- say she was wearing this necklace when she vanished. none of her other belongings have been found despite hundreds of the searches to find her. >> like any other place, there -- they are vulnerable to any kind of crime like in any other part of the country. >> this is what it looks like when you get on the national
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center for missing and exploited children, pictures of morgan, the most recent that the family has provided. if you have any information about the case, you can check our web site,, keyword "morgan." >> we have some breaking news about a kidnapped child who was later found alive. papers say the woman accused of helping to kidnap elizabeth smart plans to plead guilty tomorrow. both her and her estranged husband are accused of taking her from her home back in 2002. she was living with them nine months later. coming up, a disturbing video shows a young girl being carried into a hotel room by a stranger. >> the emotional goodbye to a marine. >> a father to be is out of this
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world excuse for missing his daughter's birth. >> why put it off? >>
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>> michelle obama is visiting denver to promote her mentoring program for girls. some of the participating women it included the health and human services attack -- secretary. she went to south high-school to meet with the students. president obama had some strong words for chinese leaders. hear what he had to say at 6:00. a couple and their two dogs are safe after a dramatic rescue off the coast of hawaii. they had to abandon their fishing boat after fighting high nds and 40-foot waves. the coast guard helped coordinate rescue effort. they were able to make it safely to the cruise ship. >> good for them. they have to have those
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winds turn more from the east. as we go to the next couple of days, the winds will start turning more to the northeast, and then to the east. plenty of time to get those sandbags restored. it looks good on our weatherbug network. today, close to 70 degrees. this is find november weather. 63 degrees right now. 59 degrees in hagerstown. 58 degrees in leesburg, and in oxon hill, currently 60 degrees with a light northeasterly breeze. temperatures around the area are very pleasant at this hour. these numbers, anywhere 5 to 10 degrees above average. 66 degrees in fairfax and by weak right now. -- and bowie right now.
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richmond reporting 72 degrees. typical of november whether. a little bit cooler weather will work in here later in the week, but not a dramatic change. high pressure will keep control. the cooler air will slowly start to filter in from the north and west. maybe some clouds and showers late in the day on thursday. the air is dry and the winds are fairly light. here is the next system already starting to see its contours of the low pressure, spinning across the kansas-missouri border. high pressure is keeping us try for the next couple of days. by late thursday, this cold front will get close enough and
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we will look for the possibility of a few showers. as this system moves offshore, if this hawaii gets out too far and there is enough circulation, that is what you don't want on that stretch of the shore. i think it will be short-lived. center stage, the cold front will take precedence as we get into thursday. here is a time lapse for the next couple of days. again, no major changes. high pressure will continue to be in charge of our weather. later in the week, we will see a few showers possible late thursday afternoon. 53 degrees late tonight. check out the next seven days, looks good. a few clouds at times as we head into wednesday with highs in the
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upper 50's. another system coming in saturday night and sunday. light rain saturday night and sunday but don't take that to the bank. it could be more than light rain. >> thanks. many women wonder how often they should get mammograms. >> traditionally, the answer to that has been every year for women over 40. a new study says that may be too often. julie parker has the details. >> this news is counter intuitive to what we have been hearing for some time and is evoking strong reaction from some women. word of new mammography screening guidelines took this 17-year breast cancer survivor off guard. >> why put it off?
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i am here because of it. >> women have been told thaa mammogram every year is critical to early detection, the new recommendations advise against the routine screenings, saying women 50 and older should get mammograms every two years. >> starting at age 50 compared to age 40 saves more lives relative to the harms. >> she says false positives and unnecessary biopsies cause false harms. >> i think it is good. >> agree with that because of radiation is not something to be taken lightly. >> several prominent groups are still standing behind their recommendations. >> mammograms save lives, and they save lives in women 40 to
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49 and save lives women 50 and older. >> we are going to lose women from breast cancer. the task force is saying that is ok. we are not so sure that is the right way to approach this issue. >> many women we spoke to agreed, including this woman. >> the found a lump so i am very glad i had it done in one year. >> it is unclear how insurance companies will respond to these new recommendations. these recommendations apply to women with average risk of getting breast cancer. both researchers and advocacy groups agree that patients need to discuss this with their doctors to see what is best for them. >> another way to detect breast cancer is through south
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examinations. we have more information on their website. -- on our website. "castle" is all new tonight. >> are you not going to do something? >> breaking up a bar fight is a sure way to get hit. >> i was in a bar fight once. >> really? >> that is out -- that is after a two-hour "dancing with the stars." > we are so excited to announce the second winner in our oprah fan club contest. you have a chance to join her. good to, and then enter the keyword "challenge."
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you have to be a member of the fan club to qualify, so sign up for free @ >> i think she is going to get very popular in the next few hours. >> that is the place to be printe>. chocolate milk could be banned from some schools. >> if you to miss it , it is a pn
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liftoff of the space shuttle atlantis. >> the space shu is now in orbit. their mission will take them to the international space station to deliver parts to keep the station running for years to come. >> and mission specialist and his wife were expecting their first biological child. this is something that doctors said they would never be able to do, a delivery with the parents worlds apart. space shuttle atlantis has lifted off, but the countdown is still on for one family. eight astronauts and his wife will soon be the proud parents of a baby girl -- one astronaut
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and his wife will soon be the prd parents of a baby girl. he will miss this special delivery as he delivers parts instead to the international space station. they have wanted a baby for years but were told it was not possible. they adopted a son and became a happy family. then came the news that made them swinging among the stars. >> after being told for five years that we would not have a child, -- >> it turns out, this is not the first time they had a schedule conflict for major, life- changing events. while he will not be in the delivery room, he is anxiously awaiting his daughters' arrival from a world away. >> this miracle, i do not think
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i will be able to hold my grin. >> the space shuttle is on an 11-day mission, so of the astronauts will also have to miss thanksgiving with their families. not so tasty. >> not quite the same thing. coming up, shock and surprise as it will no local newspaper announces it is shutting down. >> and alert for shoppers. >> too soon, people forget. i want to make sure >> emotional r
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captioned by the national captioning institute friends and family said a said goodbye to an maryland marine toad and afghanistan. sgt charles cartwright's funeral was held, and brad bell has the story. >> it seemed as if all of union bridge turned out to honor the marine most new the 26-year-old as charlie. >> this young man gave his life for us. once you get to that point, what
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else can you say? to soon, people forget. i want to make sure that i never forget. >> he grew up in this small town and went to walkersville high school and joined the marines the day before the 9/11 attacks. he earned at least 22 awards. he was killed in combat in afghanistan last week. >> it seemed like losing another brher. >> he says his death hit him hard. >> he gave his all, and you cannot expect any more from a person it brings tears to your eyes. >> tears it did flow freely as "taps" were played.
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the wreck family members chose not to speak publicly today. -- direct family members chose not to speak publicly today. >> he is our fellow countrymen and he is a hero. >>a $40 million budget gap could mean some big cuts for the fire department. county officials are considering cutting staff from several fire stations. fire officials say without a fourth man, local residents and firefighters could face increased risks during emergencies. the decision is expected in february. "the washington blade" is shutting down. the local paper has closed.
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shutting down its publications in atlanta, houston, in south florida will also happen. a second person has died after a double shooting last wednesday in northeast washington. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police believe the driver lost control after being shot and then slammed into parked cars. the shooter may have been inside of the car with the victims. there has been a tragic ending in the search of a missing child. the five-year old girl's body has been found, and her mother is now under arrest. >> the search for shaniya davis may be over. >> we have located a body. we can confirm that that body is a child. >> volunteers have been
5:34 pm
searching fields and forests for nearly a week, hoping to find a five-year old shaniya davis alive. these are the last known images of a girl being carried by this man, charged with kidnapping shaniya davis. also charged in the case, the girl's mother. the 25-year old provided her daughter with the intent that she be hld in a sexual servitude she is charged with misleading police and obstructing her investigation. she reported her daughter missing after the hotel surveillance cameras captured shaniya davis in his arms. >> you cannot stop people from saying things whether they are true or not. if they do not have any proof, they should not say that. >> i miss you so much and i am waiting for you. >> shaniya davis had only lid
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with her mother for the past several weeks. foreclosure filings continue to plague prince george's county, more than double last october and twice the current rate in all of maryland. it accounts for nearly one-third of all closures in the d.c. metropolitan area. some big irovements are coming to arlington county. officials helped launch the new project in the southern part of the county. developers plan to widen it sidewalks and add new bus shelters, lightning, and trees. a new parking garage open for business today at the minnesota avenue metro station. it took three years to build the
5:36 pm
four-level car garage. it will serve the future of d.c. government center. >> more parking is always good. let's hope that the roads are not parking lots this evening. >> a lot of folks try to make their way around the 270 spur on the inner loop of the beltway. the lays out of tysons corner across the legion bridge and most of the way up onto the 270 spur. here is a look of the 270 spur itself. the pace and proves once heading up into rockville. -- improves with heading up into rockville. this is the only slowdown into germantown on a 270. the ride on the belt way
5:37 pm
through bethesda and getting past the interchange, a slow pace in both directions. that traffic moving away from us, the outer loop heading towards us, sluggish on that stretch. no incidents reported the the way between the ball away and the 14th street bridge. southbound traffic coming towards us, nothing reported in the way. no major trouble to report in the district. back to you. coming up, chocolate milk. some schools are thinking of banning it. we have the reasons why. >> sandra bullock
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she is back. sandra bullock, that is. >> she is starring in a new film that arch campbell says is better than you might think. >> i have seen audiences snicker at the trailer of "the blind
5:41 pm
side." it tells the true story of a player from the baltimore ravens and could qualify as one of the season's must-see movies. >> big mike, hey, you said you were going to the gym. >> she plays a wealthy parent taking an interest in a homeless kid. >> i never had one before. >> it room to yourself? >> a bed. >> quinton erin plays a gentle giant. >> is this some sort of white guilt thing? >> based on a true story, worth 3.5 stars, p g-13.
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this week at the movies, "2012" 1 at the box office at $65 million. "star trek" will be on it dvd. also opening on friday, the new movie of the "twilight" series, "new moon." make up your own punch line. [laughter] >> i want to wait to see what you come up with on thursday. >> i am not saying a thing. >> we anxiously await that one. >> coming up next, video games promising to make exercise a fun, but are they as good as going to the gym? chocolate milçaxhañahahhhhj
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getting kids to drink their milk is sometimes a challenge, so many schools offer a chocolate milk as an alternative.
5:46 pm
>> caroline lyders has that debate. >> the people behind the milk campaign are now talking about chocolate milk. with many kids overweight, is sweetened milk really what the doctors ordered? it has been a staple of the school lunch for decades, chocolate milk, and now the dairy industry is fighting to keep it that way. >> a lot of schools have taken chocolate milk off of the menu. >> nearly $1 million spent to make its case. on one side of the debate, chocolate milk is too fatty, containing at least twice as much sugar as regular milk, but defenders say the extra sugar is worth it. >> when took the milk is made available, kids will choose its and the benefit is they are getting the ninth essential
5:47 pm
nutrients that they need. >> but some are saying schools are being smart about sugar. >> when children have chocolate milk on a daily basis, it is going to be hard for them to go back home would just to be drinking plain milk. >> the question now, if chocolate milk is dropped, will the kids revert back to plain milk or fall back on the sugary beverages that maybe worst of all? a recent study of a connecticut school district show that when chocolate milk was taken away, milk consumption dropped 67%. some d.c. schools are now serving breakfast in the classroom, the idea to break the stigma of the children in need. eight public charter schools now inc. breakfast in their morning
5:48 pm
routine. garfield elementary in the southeast is the first to test the idea. baltimore county will be banning tanning beds for minors. the council is considering a bill tonight that would fine violators $500 or give them jailed for 90 days. howard county's board of health unanimously passed it last week. d.c. businesses will start charging 5 cents for plastic bags in january. that is why city leaders began handing out more than 122,000 reusable bags to low income and senior residents. the campaign will cut down on disposable bags which littered the anacostia river. the federal reserve is proposing new rules to protect consumers on restrictions with
5:49 pm
cards. those service or inactivity fees will be permitted only under certain conditions >. a new study finds that games like the nintendo wii fit only require a small amount of exercise. just 14 of the 46 activities reached the level of moderate exercise equal to walking. so, go outside and move yourself arou when d.c. organization is gearing up to feed thousands of families. holiday helping works to provide turkey dinners and provide trimmings to thousands of low income families every year. which is probably going to be very easily set because
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[unintelligible] >> there is a lot of need out there this year. let's see what is coming up tonight at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, you saw her interview on oprah and heard what our group thought what they had to say. also, find out why so many people were angry and taking their frustrations to the goldman sachs headquarters in d.c. today. the supreme court decided not to hear a case against the name, "washington redskins pirko doug hill is watching the weather. things right now are not too bad considering. >> not at all. our average height this time in november, the upper 50's. it near 70 degrees today. let's start off on the weatherbug network and take you up to the earth and space lab in
5:51 pm
frederick. the sun came up and it turned into a beautiful day and afternoon as the skies cleared and nothing more than a few passing high clouds and contrails. the sun sets about 50 minutes ago and now is just a quiet and the cool evening. 62 degrees in woodbridge. a lot of cloudiness to the north, it just high, thin clouds that should wash out. we are going to stay on the clear side overnight and pick up a few fair weather clouds but still very enjoyable weather. the cold front could bring some showers to the area. take a look at our weather graphics because we are going to show you the opportunity to see a meteor shower. the best viewing is going to be 4:00 this upcoming morning.
5:52 pm
bottom line, next couple of days, very pleasant. the next cold front will give us some showers late on thursday. that is the very latest. back to you was a flute guest today? >> it is a win. what a difference a win makes. forget about the fact that the denver broncos lost two in a row. a win is a win. the redskins, all the fans, they could just have fun and celebrate a victory. for the first time all season, fedex field looked and sounded like a true home field. >> it was great. >> at least for this week, the
5:53 pm
on field product resembled the redskins of old. >> this is what i came to know when i first got here. >> the redskins kept it simple, running the football and then running it some more, smash mouth football. remember that? >> at halftime, the coach asked us what we felt like doing, and we said running downhill. >> the defense played with passion. and the special teams did its part as well. how about the punter executing the trick play? >> it worked. it was a greaty devised plan. >> the financing to forget about how bad their team has played. >> not to mention the players themselves. >> we get a little bit of confidence back.
5:54 pm
we can and the season strong. >> it is not about winning one. we have to find a way to keep plugging away and keep get some more wins on the brd. >> we will have more coming up at 6:00. the redskins played dallas on sunday. coming up at 6:00, we will talk about bill belichick and his call last night, simply amazing. coming up next, -- >> the beginnings of what seems like will be a water main break
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get the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. now i'm a full back. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. this month marks a 30th year on the air at wtop. >> they have gone hand-in-hand longer than many people can remember. >> callersell us delays begin near route 100.
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>> his iconic baritone voice may be the most recognizable and among common travelers, one of the most important. we hang on every word because he is the afternoon traffic voice and determines how we can navigate some of the nation's worst traffic. >> it is about where you are, what your options are, who is going to get the kids from day care. >> this day marks a momentous occasion, his 30th year at wtop. >> thank you very much, frank. we decided to burn a couple of bills of hay on at 95. >> this has never been just a job is it public service. >> he does the fact that here in washington, traffic is not just something involved with commuting. >> his tenure started with phil
5:59 pm
and traffic reports inside of a cessna 172. now he is surrounded by technology in a work center. >> it is a privilege to have a chance to make a difference it is an opportunity and a very serious responsibility. >> his knowledge is immeasurable. >> he is riding shotgun with you in your car. >> the challenge comes in expanding the whby in your commute. >> maybe tomorrow, you can do a little bit better. >> 30 years and going strong. that is all for 5:00. coming up -- >> my da'd's quotes sums it coming up -- >> my da'd's quotes sums it up


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